Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State-of-the-Union show is an Infomercial

... for the ruling Democratic/Republican bipartisan machinery. And this infomercial is publically financed - or publically forced - which is the same thing.

The former executive of the Libertarian party hit the point straight home in his comments.

Indeed, FCC with the sanction of the law would excoriate the major media companies for not carrying the show as plain news unpaid by the clear beneficiaries of the infomercial. It would be more beneficial to the nation, definitely less harmful, if the major media used the time to sell some good can openers or hair grease. Then most would know that it is time to turn to alternative media outlets which are abundant and still free of government meddling as long as many of us defend the right to free speech.

With publically financed political campaigns even a small media company - like the one you and me are running - would not survive the official bullying into proving its worth by carrying whatever nonsensical political ideas are cooked up.