Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dear "Occupy Movement" heros!

Please do not waste your energy on attacking corporations and local authorities. Do not fight against capitalism. Capitalism helps us in arranging the social media networks and delivery system like Fedex and UPS. Stores deliver our food operating on a free market.

We do not need government to regulate the markets. What good is this regulation? Many of you would not eat KFC chicken (unless in dire need) even though the chicken meat it uses has been approved by US FDA. We can disapprove the meat ourselves - regulate ourselves all we want - each on its own, properly informed. We love some radio stations (like KEXP in Seattle), and support them with our own money. But US Bank Corp also supports the station and the station thanks the bank on the air. Is that wrong? No. These two corporate entities just serve each other. And serve us too!

Let us not revile the free market. The problem is the government. The government creates an uneven playing field - favoring the big-money corporations against the smaller-money ones, favoring some consumers (home owners) against others (renters). Everybody is trying to stand on some bump on the playing field and gain advantage. It turns out some get a really big advantage allowing them to become truly arrogant (banks).

But this is not entirely their fault! It is mostly our fault. We have asked the government to act in our name and protect: 1. the stability of the financial system and other assorted big business, 2. the stability of the oil market (Middle East), 3. the benefits of Medicare, Social Security, easy home ownership and credit.
This is not right! We have asked the government to conspire with business to deliver benefits to us. Let us not condemn the business - we are business too. We are here to correct the course of our country and assert the right to operate a business of taking care of our own lives and of each other. Without the infringement of government on our rights!

It is time to put political pressure on the system! Here is what we ought to do:

1. Throw out all the incumbents on the Federal level. All US Congress members. Replace them with yourselves. Elect third-party candidates to federal office.
2. Defund the Fed - give them just 1% of income for national security
3. Allow the state and local govs to tax us at higher rate - up to 10% - this will allow to fix any transitional issues with social services.
4. Watch closely what the local authorities do with our money and our rights
5. Let us protect our basic right - to be free to work and help out yourself and your close ones.

This is the plan: