Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obama campaign

This presidential campaign has become more interesting when Obama started talking thoughtfully about what concern Americans, what pains them and where they are looking for remedies and relief if only psychological.

This candidate's sincere thoughtfulness and interest in examining the problems rationally has impressed me. He apologized for his choice of words - when he shared his thinking about what people in small towns turn to when their expectations of successful life are economically threatened. He said that they cling to guns and culturally divisive issues like gay rights and immigration policy. This is a plausible hypothesis and the fact that he expressed it in public shows that he is willing to have a rational conversation about it.

The objection raised by Clinton and McCain that he is elitist is absurd. It is Clinton and McCain, along with the foregoing and ongoing Democratic and Republican dynasties, that have behaves in a patronizing way toward the American people. They kept telling them how resilient and brave Americans are so that they could do without a sensibly functioning government. Indeed suffering a government that delivered favors to corporations while refraining from reasonable normalization of health care market and creating a most complicated tax system on earth. The traditional Democrat and Republican is indeed a patronizing elitist while Obama is willing to engage thoughtful, rational genuine dialog with the public.

I am really glad that this Obama incident happened because it shows the real Hillary Clinton as a one of the dynasties of power - politician Clintons, businessmen Bushes, McCains with the generations of military service to American empire. I am not attacking people for where they come from but these here seem to really align themselves with their family traditions.

My opinion is very much supported by the new book by Kevin Phillips who blogged at HuffPo
and published a book talking about the disastrous innovations of financial industries that were enabled by laws passed under the Clinton administration. While I cannot disavow capitalist innovations wholesale, indeed I am furthest from that as a free market supporter, there may have been grave errors committed by the government (legislative and executive alike) who is responsible for defining and enforcing the rules of the free market.

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